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Professional Minecraft Build Team Using this as that

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Our team of diverse creative minds hold years of experience and a variety of skills under our belt to ensure maximum quality and complete client satisfaction.


Timing is everything at LuxStudios. Our team of architects are stationed in a variety of timezones to ensure 24/7 service for all of our clients and partners.


Our team is placed in a variety of countries around the world to ensure that we are able to break any and all language barriers that may come our way. This also ensures a general knowledge of most world cultures to allow our architects to be as accurate as possible in any styled work.

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"Made me some good quality spawns. Vouch."
"Vouch, supplied me with a great spawn. Smooth and trustworthy!"
"Vouch! I just had an amazing experience with LuxStudio's build team! Excellent service, response time, and build quality!"
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